Human Rights

We focus on those forgotten by the rest, People who face discrimination, in poverty and those whose voices are ignored.

Human Rights

The Justice and Human Rights Programme seek to expand and sustain the democratic space in Uganda by advocating for a strong institutional framework and enhancing the capacity of the citizenry especially the youth in democratic values.

The Programme seeks to foster safer communities, promote human rights and improve the system of justice in Uganda. In particular the programme works to: advance access to justice for disadvantaged and marginalized children and young people in Uganda and inculcate respect and justice as well as promoting human rights principles as the basis for peace and development.

Strategic Objective: To provide safer environment for young people in Uganda

Specific Outcomes:

1. Greater and quick access to justice to indigent and marginalized young people in Uganda
2. Deep understanding and strong support for human rights, as the basis of peaceful coexistence and development