Sexual & Reproductive

We focus on those forgotten by the rest, People who face discrimination, in poverty and those whose voices are ignored.

Sexual & Reproductive

AYI specializes in holistic youth programming with a core competency in advocacy for adolescent sexual and reproductive health. AYI has positioned itself as a catalyst of evidence based advocacy efforts on Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and a key technical advisor to decision makers on health budgeting and promoting the role of Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) in other health conditions such as HIV, maternal and child health. We strengthen and consolidate our advocacy efforts through working with coalitions and civil society groups as well as Government and private agencies.

Our Health Programme seeks to reduce the burden of disease among youth in Uganda by supporting the role of young people and local health systems in the prevention and management of disease and general health development.

Through youth clubs, schools and universities, we equip young people with information and life skills on SRHR and Family Planning and conduct community awareness activities where our reach outs act as referral points; an estimate of over 28,000 young people have been referred to health centers to access information and services on SRHR and family planning since our inception. More young people have also been reached through our high impact annual events like Gear Up, youth camps, which have transformed lives of many youths reaching over 12,000 annually.

Strategic Objective: To improve health and social awareness of young people in Uganda

Specific Outcomes:

1. Improved care and support of for young people infected by HIV & AIDS
2. Increased knowledge on HIV & AIDS prevention mechanism among the young people
3. Increased access to information on drug and substance abuse among the young people
4. Improved access to SRH services among the young people